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Reiterating the Prime Focus of HDLPlanet as "Knowledge Sharing", a monthly newsletter is being launched as yet another mode of sharing information. I am hopeful that this will find good response from all the members of HDLPlanet. 


27 Sept 2003 - First edition of the HDLPlanet Newsletter
               Timing Simulations & STA
               Why do we need modelling? - Part 1
               Learning Tcl made easy - Part 1

29 Oct 2003  - Superscalar Architecture
               DMA (Direct Memory Access)
               Learning Tcl made easy - Part 2
30 Nov 2003  - OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
               Physical Design - A definition

If you are willing to share some information that you feel other members of the group would find it worth, do send in your entries to  . You will be acknowledged with full credits (your name will be published if you have no objections).


Last Updated on 27th Sept 2003

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