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Ultra Sparc 2 An ultimate example of the power of HDLs.

A power CPU from Sun Microsystems, from third generation of its
UltraSPARC  microprocessor family, the UltraSPARC-III, which
is designed to operate at 600 MHz.

VLSI Trainings VLSI Training:
Design: VHDL, Verilog
Verification: Specman, System Verilog (SV), SVA, PSL, ABV...
Contact(Web): http://www.vlsitraining.net
Contact(Email): info@vlsitraining.net
Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture pages spread across various sites, including CPU Architecture.
Knowledge capsule 
HDLPlanet's knowledge sharing initiative. The latest edition is here
Nov 2003
Introduction to VHDL, how to get started with it, tool kit requirement for getting started, links to VHDL learning resources, tutorials and books and also contains pointers to libraries containing free VHDL models.
Verilog, learning resources and some good pointers to other verilog pages on the web. Getting started with Verilog, tutorials and models.
Fundamentals of synthesis. Some examples of synthesizable structures. 
Asynchronous Design
Fundamentals of asynchronous design and its advantages.
EDA & Tools
Pointers on introduction to EDA, information on scripting requirements in Design Automation, and details of some EDA Tools available and their brief description.
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